Some of our projects are:

Knowledge-Driven Information Extraction from the Web

This project focuses on the extraction of structured consumer electronics information from Web documents. The vision of this project is to be able to classify a Web page as containing information about a consumer electronic device, identify all of the possible classes of information on that Web page, disambiguate and match them with the most […]

Social Human-Centric Tools for Software Development

Rapid shifts in market needs, changes in customer tastes, and constrained resources have led software development practices towards collaborative production and global software engineering . In order to enable, coordinate, and manage these development paradigms, new communication and collaboration techniques have emerged. Collaborative development environments like IBM Jazz, software project portals such as GitHub and […]

Intelligent Product Lifecycle Management

Nowadays, consumers have the luxury of selecting many different types of products that are available on the market. As a matter of fact, the challenge for the consumers is not to find the product they need but to find the “right” one from the excessive, and sometimes overwhelming, choices and options available to them. Some […]

Social Semantics-enabled Enterprise 2.0 Collaboration

Companies are moving towards new communication and collaboration systems (Enterprise 2.0) that resemble the consumer web platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Developing a secure, real-time, and social collaboration platform (such as 7Geese that is being developed by Paltech Solutions) brings together cross-functional teams and creates synergy to allow the company to better achieve its […]

Designing Effective Testing Strategies for Complex Software Product Line Feature Models

This research will investigate the development of effective software product line testing mechanisms that will enhance the quality of developed applications. Software product lines are becoming more prevalent in main stream industrial software development practices. The main idea behind this approach is that in any manufacturing process many systems of a given application domain share […]

Dynamic Learning Content Adaptation using a Software Product Line Approach

Online, distance and electronic learning is gradually becoming one of the mainstream methods for  training and teaching. This is due to various reasons among which is 1) the rapid development of new knowledge and the need for keeping up with the changes and recent advancements; 2) specificity of career requirements  even in a certain field […]

Quality Assurance in Service Oriented Architectures

Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) based software development has been gaining momentum in the recent years due to its perceived advantages such as more flexibility, and heterogeneity in the software structure and design. Moreover, SOA facilitates reusability through the encapsulation of software products inside services. With the growing trend of deploying SOA in the IT infrastructure of […]

Quality Engineering for Software Product Lines

  The product line approach to software development is based on systematic and large-scale reuse of design and implementation artifacts such as design models or software components in order to facilitate the production process of a set of functionally similar software systems. Through reuse engineering, software product lines attempt to shorten the development time and lower […]