LS3 participated in Ryerson Graduate Student Symposium

This event took place in atrium of Electrical and Computer Engineering department at Ryerson University on November 21st of 2014, hosted by Ryerson University, which gain the interest of many professors, graduate and undergraduate students from and around Toronto. LS3 members presented three posters in this event which attracted the attention of many researchers participated in the event. Many of the participants and visitors of the event took advantage from the helpful comments that were exchanged between them. The three posters were:

1. Semantically Latent Community Detection
Authors: Manish Varma, Hossein Fani, Ebrahim Bagheri

2. Computing Semantic Relatedness by Mining Twitter Space
Authors: Luna Feng, Ebrahim Bagheri

3. Semantics-enabled Search Query Intent identification
Authors: Andisheh Keikha, Faezeh Ensan, Fatemeh Lashkari, Ebrahim Bagheri

More information about this event can be found here: