Keynote Speaker:

Emre Dr. Emre Kiciman, Microsoft Research
Title: Learning about Personal Experiences and their Outcomes: Analyzing Social Media as an Observational Study

Abstract: Millions of people share details about their real-world experiences on social media, and have been doing so for years. Such large-scale, longitudinal traces of individual experiences, captured in Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit and other data sources, provide an opportunity to learn insights about a wide-variety important domains, including health, exercise, education, and careers, with applications for individuals, policy-makers and others. In this talk, I present several such studies, with a focus on using causal inference techniques to mine potential causes and outcomes of targeted experiences. I will discuss challenges and promises of extracting and interpreting potential causal relationships in the conversational space of social media, and the growing landscape of research in causal inference over social media data sets.

Bio: Emre Kıcıman is a senior researcher at Microsoft Research Redmond. He is broadly interested in using human-generated data to help people find what they want and need. His research includes foundations, infrastructure and methodologies for social media-based analyses of the off-line world, such as entity linking methods, studies of data biases and applications of causal inference. Emre’s past research interests included distributed systems reliability and applying machine learning to fault management in large-scale internet services and web applications. Emre’s academic community service includes serving as the steering committee chair for ICWSM, and co-organizing the first symposium on observational studies in social media in 2015.